Hank and Tank return with a new album and a duo with Keren Ann

Road music at it's finest: Hank & Tank release their ...

Road music at it's finest: Hank & Tank release their second album, Last Call for Hank & Tank. Photo/

After an eight-year-long hiatus duo Hank & Tank are releasing a new album which features a duo with French-Israeli singer Keren Ann. Hank & Tank are comprised of Singapore Sling frontman Henrik Björnsson and filmmaker Þorgeir Guðmundsson. 

Guðmundsson formed part of Singapore Sling in the band's early days and was also member of the Funerals with artist Ragnar Kjartansson. Hank & Tank are a melancholic, sunglass-wearing duo that play music in the spirit of pop's golden age, Lee Hazlewood and electric duo Suicide. 

Their first album, from 2010 is called Songs for the Birds and the new album, out soon, is titled Last Call for Hank & Tank.  One of the songs from the album is out on Soundcloud and it's a duo with renowned singer Keren Ann. How did that collaboration come about? 

"We were introduced to Keren Ann by our friend Barði Jóhannsson and she heard our early recordings at a party. As a result she invited us to be her opening band on her tour of France in 2002," explains Guðmundsson. "She's our friend and we needed a singer for this song," says Björnsson. "And Tank has made several guest singing appearances with Lady&Bird, a project she did with Barði Jóhannsson. He also starred in their opera Red Waters," he explains. 

Same Old Song - Hank & Tank með Keren Ann

But why was there such a long gap between the two albums? 

"Because life got in the way of rock'n'roll," says Guðmundsson. "We've both been busy with other things. I've been making a lot of records for example,"says Björnsson. 

Why is the album called Last Call for Hank & Tank ?

"Because it's such a predictable title," replies Björnsson. "Predictable and obvious like life itself," adds Guðmundsson.  

The new album, which according to the duo will be the Christmas album of the year, will be out digitally soon but a crowdfunding page has been set up to enable a vinyl release. Those who support the crowdfunding will be able to receive an autographed vinyl and tickets to the release concert, whose date will be announced later. 

You can make a pledge on  Karolina Fund HERE. 

The first Hank & Tank album, Songs for the Birds is now available free of charge and can be streamed here on their Bandcamp site. 





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