Young Violinist Plays ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’

An 18-year-old Icelandic violinist recently released a music video to honor the US rock band Guns N’ Roses and its fans. The band performed in Laugardalur, Reykjavík, on Tuesday night. In the video, Baldur Dýrfjörð plays one of the band’s most popular songs, Sweet Child o’ Mine, where he uses the musical arrangement of US violinist Adam DeGraff.

Baldur has studied classical violin for about 15 years. For the past three years, he has enjoyed experimenting with pop and rock music and done his own musical arrangements. He has also played for pedestrians around Reykjavík.

The video, which you can view here, is Baldur’s first. It was made by ÁSfilm Productions.

Baldur describes himself as a big Guns N’ Roses fan. “I love their music, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to their concert,” he told





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