Kælan Mikla in Hyde Park

The Icelandic synth punk trio Kælan mikla will perform in Hyde Park, London, tomorrow, Saturday, where the famous English rock band The Cure performs the final act of the evening.

The members of the trio are Sólveig Matthildur Kristjánsdóttir, Margrét Rósa Dóru-Harrysdóttir and Laufey Soffía. The trio, formed in 2013, plays dark wave music, which relies in large part on synthesizers and is influenced by punk and post-punk music.

The trio was formed in the wake of its members’ participation in the 2013 Ljóðaslamm, a poetry contest for young people, held at the Reykjavík Public Library, where they recited punk poetry.

Tomorrow’s concert is part of the British summer Time, a series of major concerts held in Hyde Park this weekend and the next.

The main feature of tomorrow evening will be The Cure, one of the most beloved bands of the eighties and nineties. Also performing tomorrow night will be Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, and on Sunday, Eric Clapton himself will step on stage. The following weekend, the line-up includes Michael Bublé, Bruno Mars and Paul Simon.


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