Icelandic boys begin watching porn at 11 years of age

Icelandic boys hold a Nordic record for the amount of pornography they watch. The average age at which Icelandic boys begin watching porn is eleven. 

These figures were revealed by Kolbrún Hrund Sigurgeirsdóttir, project manager at the City of Reykjavik in equal rights issues at a meeting concerning the #metoo movement at the City Hall. This means that many boys are much younger than 11 when they first see pornography. 

Sigurgeirsdóttir spoke of how normalisation of pornography had affected our culture. She said that there was an unclear division between pornography, advertising and music videos for example and that watching pornography had become normal. In pornography, women are degraded and men hold all power over them. 

She pointed out that Pornhub, the largest pornography site in the world receives much more viewing than Netflix. 

"When our boys click the word "porn" they immediately see very graphic, rough things, they are not just seeing naked breasts or people having sex. We are robbing children of their innoncence in under a second." She also pointed out that 90 percent of all downloaded pornography contains violence against women. "Don't our children deserve a better sex education than that?"

Another disturbing factor is that the group "teens" is the most popular category of porn, showing very young women that appear much younger than 18 years old. 

She also warned of the dangers of youngsters sharing photographs of themselves on social media, photographs that often end up on international web sites. 




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