Meet Iceland's first porn star

 Iceland's first porn star, Stefan Octavian Gheorghe, says he's sometimes very scared but takes responsibility for his own life. Stefan, who was adopted as a child from Romania, also made headlines in Iceland when he searched for his real mother in a TV series on Stöð 2. 

Stefan's porn star name is Charlie Keller and he turned to acting in pornography when he was 20 years old. 

Before that time he lived a traditional life in Iceland after having been adopted at age three. When the TV series, called Leitin að upprunanum (The search for origins) aired in Iceland, Stefan became well-known. He found his real mother with the help of the programme but at the same time rumours began to circulate that he worked as a porn actor. 

"I suppose I became well known for both things at the same time," he says speaking to and says his porn acting career began in August. 

"I was in Barcelona with a friend. We had booked separate flight tickets home and didn't go together. I had muddled up my dates and missed my flight and was stuck in Barcelona." Stefan wasn't too upset about being stuck in the Spanish city but headed to the beach where he met two men. 

"I met this guy who is a porn star and a producer who works for big companies in the business in Europe. So I met them there at the beach and that's where it started." He admits to being attracted to the business immediately. "I was reluctant at first but then I went for it. There's a lot of money to be made in that business."

His first assignment was shot in Prague and it was difficult, he says, mostly because the actor performing opposite him wasn't good enough. 

Now he's getting more and more jobs and is working for a company called Staxus where he's mostly working as a casting agent. "So mostly I look for people to star in porn movies and fly around the world. 

He says that the porn world is different to what he thought it was going to be. "It's a different world. It's fake. In these movies they don't have real sex. Many people say that the industry is full of drugs and drink. But the company I work for is really strict on those things and no drugs are allowed. Actors have to undergo drug tests regularly. There's always a doctor in the studio. One has to know how a penis works and all about genitals. It's a really long process that you have to go through."

Over the past couple of weeks Stefan has been in Iceland for his Christmas holidays. "But I'm a workaholic. I fly all around the world. I wake up early in the morning and try to look after myself."

Asked about his goals for the new year he sayst that he wants to help the company grow and prosper. "My aim is to open a studio in Nevada in the US for castings and I hope to receive an award at a porn awards ceremony in 2018."

His greatest fear however, is to contract a sexual disease. "Today, being HIV positive is not a death sentence as you can get medication for it. I'm not exactly frightened but I do sometimes get a knot in my stomach. And sometimes the industry scares me. But I got myself into this so I have to take responsibility for myself."




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