Iceland's famous teenage rap stars hit international headlines

Magazine 1843, the sister publication of The Economist, has featured an article on the latest rap stars in Iceland, Jói Pe and Króli. The article is under the sector, "What the world is listening to" and is titled "Two Icelandic teens ridicule hip hop."

Jói Pé and Króli became famous last summer with their hit B.O.B.A and these fresh faced youngsters are still at high school. 

1843 describes their music as the most popular in Iceland right now and praises their new album Gerviglingur, which translates as "fake bling."

"It’s easy to mock the clichés of gangsta rap, something exploited to delightful effect on “GerviGlingur” (Fake jewellery), the second album by JóiPé and Króli (above), two teenagers from Iceland. On “B.O.B.A”, they rap in a swaggering style not about money, attractive women and flash cars, but about being ignored by girls and driving the family hatchback. Even their album title ridicules hip hop’s extravagance – if you do catch them wearing gold chains, a staple of many rappers’ wardrobes, you can be sure that they will be fake. Locals seem to appreciate the joke: “B.O.B.A.” has more views on YouTube than there are people in Iceland. "


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