Feminist bus wins best bus design contest in Reykjavik

 A contest was organised by the Strætó bus company where anyone could send in a design for a bus. The winner was Lena Margrét Aradóttir who made a feminist statement. 

The results were clear at midnight last night with Aradóttir's bus design receiving a total of 6.960 votes and a close runner-up being a bus designed by Jakob Guðnason for the Scout movement in Iceland. 

The feminist bus is inspired by the abbreviation KÞBAVD short for  „konur þurfa bara að vera dug­legri að" which means "women just have to be better at.. " and is an ironic phrase used by a feminist Facebook page of the same name. 

According to a press release from Stræto over 1700 applications were received and over 50 thousand people voted. 


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