Summer: exhibition on selected works by North Icelandic artists

The exhibition will be open all summer

The exhibition will be open all summer Magnús Helgason: Gud faer greitt i dollurum

The exhibition Summer will open in Ketilshús, Akureyri Art Museum in North Iceland today at 15:00. It will be an extensive exhibition of works by artists of North Iceland.

All in all, 21 artists participate in the exhibition. Applications for over 100 artworks were sent in when the museum called for art for the exhibition in January. A panel of judges chose art by 21 different artists, all living or working in North Iceland, or connected to the area in some manner.

The exhibition is meant to reflect the diverse range of art being created in North Iceland and to spark discussions on the status of artists and art in North Iceland. A catalogue will be published and guided tours will be offered regularly with participating artists, according to a press release from the museum.

The exhibition is diverse both in methods and medium. There will be sculptures, paintings, video art, photographs and drawings. This is the second time the museum holds an exhibition of this kind. The first was in 2015, titled Autumn.

As the name promises, the exhibition will be open during the summer, until 27 August.

Svava Þórdís Baldvinsdóttir Júlíusson: Line Orange Pile

Rebekka Kühnis: Mælifell




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