Sigur Rós to host a music festival in Harpa next Christmas

Sigur Rós is one of Iceland's most successful bands with fans all over the world. The band originates in Reykjavik and has been active since 1994. Their music described as post-rock which gets much of its uniqueness from Jónsi, the singer's falsetto vocals.

Harpa takeover with four Sigur Rós concert

Sigur Rós is taking over Iceland largest art venue, Harpa Concert and Conference Hall for six days across next Christmas and New Year. The festival‘s name is Norður and Niður, which means “go North and go down”, but translates more accurately as “everything’s going to hell”.

The band will perform four concerts in Eldborg, Harpa’s main hall, on December 27, 28, 29 and 30. These will be the first shows by the band in Iceland in five years, and their most intimate since the tiny regional shows on the Heima tour more than a decade ago.

Elsewhere in Harpa, Norður og Niður will host musical performances, art installations, dance pieces, film screenings, spoken word and impromptu happenings, many of them featuring the extended network of friends and collaborators that they have met and worked with throughout their twenty-plus year career.

Ramping up the holiday season

Reykjavík’s reputation for being able to throw a party is not lightly earned, and Norður og Niður will significantly ramp up a holiday season already filled with fun, festivities and a truly insane arsenal of fireworks. No-one lights up the dark days quite like the Icelanders. So, in addition to enjoying the Norður og Niður program at Harpa, we highly recommend taking a few days to experience the best that Iceland has to offer, according to a press release from Sigur Rós.

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