Icelandic designer makes polar bear soap for global warming awareness

The gorgeous polar bear soap made by designer Gísli Hilmarsson.

The gorgeous polar bear soap made by designer Gísli Hilmarsson. Photo/Aron F. Flosason

One of the designers exhibiting his work at DesignMarch this month was Gísli Hilmarsson who wanted to make a statement about global warming.

"It all started when I read an article in design magazine HA about a woman collecting old Icelandic ceramic statues. I saw a polar bear statue by artist Guðmundur frá Miðdal. That inspired me as well as the tasks humankind has ahead."

Gísli Hilmarsson

Gísli Hilmarsson Photo/Rut Ingólfsdóttir

Why did he choose to make a polar bear? "Why not. A polar bear is a reminder of the effects of global warming.  Their very existence is threatened by it. The polar bear is also a symbol of resilience. And for everything that man is fighting for. We have no time to lose. "Hilmarsson believes that designers and artists need to to their bit to incite awareness in environmental matters.

"In short I made a polar bear out of clay, made a gypsum mold and then made a silicone mold from the gypsum mold. I then made a soap base which I poured into the mold. The soap then needs to set for around eight weeks until its ready."




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