Incredible footage of Icelandic landscape in blockbuster Hollywood movies

Footage from Star Wars Rogue One from scenes filmed in ...

Footage from Star Wars Rogue One from scenes filmed in Iceland. Screenshot/ True North

Icelandic production company Truenorth specialize in delivering production services to companies wishing to encapsulate Iceland's sparse, mighty presence for the screen.

In the accompanying video, graciously sent to us by Truenorth, you can witness some of the most famous scenes in recent cinematic history captured in Iceland's astounding landscapes. 

Founded in 2003, Truenorth has line produced feature films for all the major studios such as Warner Bros, Disney, Lucas Film, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, DreamWorks, Columbia Sony, Lionsgate, Netflix and Marvel Studios, creating some of the most iconic scenes of the silver screen.

Features such as the magical Thor: The Dark World and the sci-fi masterpieces  Oblivion and Prometheus favored Iceland's spectacular backdrop for their otherworldly productions. Recent productions have included Star Wars VII : The Force Awakens, Fast 8, Vikings, Sense8 and Transformers V. 

From the opening titles of Ridley Scott's Prometheus.

From the opening titles of Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Screenshot / True North

In 2014 Truenorth was awarded the President of Iceland's Export Award as a leading company among those which specialize in services for companies and individuals who wish to film in Iceland. This was a great honor for Truenorth and an inspiration for film production in Iceland. 

The accompanying video shows footages from Star Wars: Rogue One, Prometheus, Noah, Fast and Furious, Flags of our Fathers and many more. 




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