A message from Icelandic girls

The sensational winning act of Skrekkur 2015, a Reykjavik school talent contest, has been released once again in a brand new stunning video with the same thought provoking message. 

The piece is called Elsku stelpur / Dear girls and part of the lyrics are, "Dear girls,  Be careful, Don't take up the space reserved for boys/ f you have a penis you'll get an extra square metre/  Don't make demands on yourselves to be intelligent, you deserve less.  Dress as I want you to/ Keep to your corner /Put on more make up,/ put on less make up/ Put yourself down.

The girls, who were fifteen years old at the time and students at Hagaskóli in West Reykjavik combined dance and feminist poetry in a piece that was written, choreographed and styled entirely by the girls themselves and the music is You and Me by Disclosure, remixed by Flume. 


USD USD 103.12 EUR EUR 126.08
GBP GBP 142.75 DKK DKK 16.93
NOK NOK 13.12 SEK SEK 12.83
CHF CHF 107.34 JPY JPY 0.93

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