A message from Icelandic girls

The sensational winning act of Skrekkur 2015, a Reykjavik school talent contest, has been released once again in a brand new stunning video with the same thought provoking message. 

The piece is called Elsku stelpur / Dear girls and part of the lyrics are, "Dear girls,  Be careful, Don't take up the space reserved for boys/ f you have a penis you'll get an extra square metre/  Don't make demands on yourselves to be intelligent, you deserve less.  Dress as I want you to/ Keep to your corner /Put on more make up,/ put on less make up/ Put yourself down.

The girls, who were fifteen years old at the time and students at Hagaskóli in West Reykjavik combined dance and feminist poetry in a piece that was written, choreographed and styled entirely by the girls themselves and the music is You and Me by Disclosure, remixed by Flume. 


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