Björk to perform exclusive show at Airwaves

The Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavik have just announced that Björk will be performing an exclusive concert at Harpa concert hall on November 5th.

Iceland Airwaves ticket holders are eligible for a priority pre-sale of tickets between September 29th and October 2nd. People with Iceland Airwaves wristbands will not be granted access to the Björk performance without a special Björk ticket. 

Festival ticket holders will receive a special code from their vendor on Thursday September 29th and each ticket holder can buy a maximum of four tickets. 

The Björk concert starts at 5pm on November 5th. Pick-up for purchased tickets will be at Harpa Music Hall.

Björk's recent performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London received five-star reviews from The Telegraph, The Times, The Evening Standard and The Guardian. 

“I've never seen the Albert Hall react quite like this”         The Telegraph ★★★★★

“A soul-baring spectacular Björk remains a true original” 

The Evening Standard ★★★★★

“And what a concert it was” The Times ★★★★★

“ ambitious and inventive as ever” The Guardian ★★★★ 


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