“Thank you for your courage, Iceland”

The sculpture outside the Akranes Folk Museum.

The sculpture outside the Akranes Folk Museum. Photo: Ella María Gunnarsdóttir

A new Estonian work of art has been unveiled in the West Iceland town of Akranes – as a token of thanks from the artist for the courage shown by Iceland in in helping shaping the modern history of Estonia.

On 22 August 1991 – twenty-five years ago – Iceland was the first country in the world officially to recognise the independence of Estonia following the fall of the Soviet Union.

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Estonian blacksmith Ivar Feldman made the sculpture – an arbor mundi design well-known in Estonian history entitled Ilmapuu (meaning ‘world tree’) – during a blacksmith competition earlier this summer at the Akranes Folk Museum, where the sculpture now resides.

Ilmapuu is one Estonian blacksmith’s way of thanking Iceland for having shown so much courage at a difficult time,” says Feldman.

Ilmapuu, by Ivar Feldman.

Ilmapuu, by Ivar Feldman. Photo: Ingvar Matthíasson




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