Steampunk in the West Fjords

Photo: Bíldalia Facebook site

The West Fjords of Iceland are known for many things, beautiful mountains, treacherous roads, sorcerers and now, a steampunk festival.

The village of Bíldudalur has transformed into the Kingdom of Bildalia for an annual steampunk festival. It started on 20 of June and will go on until 26 June, with concerts, plays, cinema and more, where guests can either watch or participate. Preferably dressed up in appropriate attire, since this is a cosplay, or live action role play festival.

Festival attendants are not the only ones participating, almost all of the inhabitants of the village dress up in Victorian outfit to take part in the festival. The flag of Bildalia flies above the houses and even official workers dress up for the occasion, playing a new role in this fictional Kingdom of Bildalia.

The highlight of the festival will be on Saturday June 25 with all sorts of games and shows. When the bright night enters, the festivities continue with a grand ball where the band The Old Spice will perform.

Photo: Bíldalia Facebook site




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