“Don’t spoil Trapped for the rest of the world!”

Photo: RVK studios / Lilja Jóns / RÚV

Photo: RVK studios / Lilja Jóns / RÚV Ljósmynd/ RÚV

Popular Icelandic TV drama series ‘Trapped’ came to its thrilling conclusion yesterday evening – and locals were asked not to let on to the rest of the world the secret behind the deaths of Guðmundur and Hrafn.

The series is called ‘Ófærð’ in Icelandic and the final two episodes were broadcast yesterday evening on national television.

Viewers were asked to keep to the Icelandic-language social-media hashtag #ofaerd when commenting on the programmes and not let the cat out of the bag for viewers in other countries where the series is still being shown.

“Please don’t tweet about what you find out tonight under the hashtag #Trapped. Let’s not spoil things for the rest of the world,” tweeted co-writer Sigurjón Kjartansson yesterday.

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