Don’t forget Ladies’ Day tomorrow!

Photo: Styrmir Kári

Photo: Styrmir Kári Morgunblaðið/Styrmir Kári

Tomorrow is the first day of Góa, one of the twelve months of the old Icelandic calendar, day known among modern-days Icelander as ‘konudagur’, a day set aside for pampering the lady of the house in Iceland.

The first day of last month in the old Icelandic calendar, Þorri, fell on 22 January and husbands and boyfriends were the ones celebrated then. Now it is the ladies’ turn!

The oldest written attestation of the first day of Góa being dedicated to Iceland’s women dates back to the 19th century. By 1900, ‘ladies’ day’ as an expression had spread throughout the whole country and it was included in official calendars in 1927.

So why not get into the Icelandic way of things and treat the lady in your life to some flowers or chocolates tomorrow? After all, there are just eleven months to go till the next ‘husband’s day’…

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