Bieber tickets sold out in half an hour

Justin Bieber has a lot of fans in Iceland.

Justin Bieber has a lot of fans in Iceland. Screenshot

Thousands of Justin Bieber fans returned empty handed on Saturday as tickets sold out in the space of half an hour. It seems that there was some mistake made with regards to the online queue on 

The Justin Bieber concert takes place on September 9th next year. received information on Saturday where individuals who were numbers 400 to 500 in the queue did not receive tickets, something that should not have occurred with 8-9 thousand tickets on offer with each person limited to buying four tickets. 

The organisers are looking into the possibilites of a second Justin Bieber concert in Iceland. "It's not certain but we are hopeful that this can be arranged," said event organiser Ísleifur Þórhallsson at Sena. He apologises for the mistakes made with the ticket sales. 

"We made a mistake and I apologize for that, and the only solution is to try to persuade them to do a second concert date in Iceland. That's our main focus now."




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