Grýla festival at the City Hall

Grýla is possibly Iceland's most influential woman. This goddess or ogre has been a part of Icelandic folklore since the first settlers arrived in the country and tomorrow at the City Hall you can find out more in a series of interesting lectures and events. 

Grýla is not just an evil child-eating monster, she also has goddess elements to her character and a tragic past.  The lectures are all in Icelandic but there are also musical events connected to Grýla and an art exhibition on the programme for those less familiar with the Icelandic language. 

Among the lecturers are Valgerður H.Bjarnadóttir who speaks of Grýla's distant cousins in other countries, Kristín Einarsdóttir on the loves and tragedies in Grýla's life and Anna Þorbjörg Ingólfsdóttir on why Grýla was used to scare little children in earlier days. 

For a fascinating article on the origins of Grýla in Icelandic folklore you can read an interview with Valgerður H.Bjarnadóttir on Iceland Monitor HERE. 


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