Nordic playlist set up a caravan in Harpa

The Nordic Playlist Caravan inside Harpa concert hall.

The Nordic Playlist Caravan inside Harpa concert hall. Photo/

The Nordic Playlist will be hosting a radio bar once again at Iceland Airwaves, and this time it's located in a caravan inside Harpa concert hall. 

Over three frosty November days, the Nordic Playlist will turn into an online radio station as part of the festival’s off venue programme, inviting some of the world’s finest radio DJs to share their love of Nordic music. 

Joining them are  DJs such as BBC Radio One’s Huw Stephens, NRK P3’s Christine Dancke and PSL’s Per Sinding-Larsen among others, who will each present specially created shows revolving around the wonderful theme of Nordic music.

As the renowned Iceland Airwaves Festival takes place throughout the Icelandic capital, the Nordic Playlist Radio Bar will provide a cosy hub, where festival attendees and music fans are invited to visit, hang out, discover and experience the most exciting sounds and stories from the Nordic region.


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