Doughnut fever boosts sales at Don's Donuts

The queue at Don's Donuts on Saturday.

The queue at Don's Donuts on Saturday. Photo/Anna Margrét Björnsson

The doughnut fever which hit Iceland with the opening of famed US chain Dunkin'Donuts has had a positive effect on the sales at Don's Donuts, a small doughnut van on Hlemmur, central Reykjavik. Their sales have gone up by 100 percent since Dunkin' Donuts opened. "All talk of doughnuts is good," says owner of Don's Donuts, Grétar Sigurðsson who is thrilled with the competition. 

Dunkin' Donuts opened last week on Laugavegur and there's been a constant queue outside. On its first day, 12,000 doughnuts were sold. Don's Donuts, who have been at Hlemmur just opposite the police station for the last year or so, are small and customers can pick a quantity and then choose a variety of sauces and sprinkles on top. Although sales have surged in this past week, Sigurðsson says that people have been crazy about their doughnuts and sales have exceeded all expectations.  He also runs a company in Serbia, where he got the idea for the mini doughnuts sold at Don's Donuts. "A lady always used to make them outside my apartment there and they smelled so good. I decided to take the idea to Iceland, they were so tasty that I felt the idea couldn't fail. "

Svokallaðir kökukleinuhringir eru á Dons Donuts.

Doughnuts from Don's Donuts. 


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