Undressing for strangers

Anna Hafþórsdóttir plays the part of a "cam-girl" in new …

Anna Hafþórsdóttir plays the part of a "cam-girl" in new Icelandic film Webcam which premieres on Tuesday. Photo/ Provided by Kvikmyndin Webcam

A new independent Icelandic movie called Webcam documents the life of a young woman who undresses in front of a webcam for money. The film, which premiers tomorrow night, is directed by Sigurður Anton Friðþjófsson and produced by Magnús Thoroddsen Ívarsson. It stars actress Anna Hafþórsdóttir who in an interview with mbl.is says that she did a lot of research for the role. "I had a look at a world that I didn't know existed." Webcam tells the story of college girl turned "cam" girl Rósalind.

"There are all kinds of girls doing all kinds of things for money out there," explains Hafþórsdóttir. "Some of these girls have a huge fanbase and they make a lot of money. Their fans keep coming back for more and it seems like they fall in love with them. It's a really strange world."Hafþórsdóttir says that her character Rósalind seems to want to fill an emotional void in her life and has a strong need for acceptance or admiration. "That's what she gets out of being a cam-girl, being admired by thousands of men all around the world." 

There are a few uncomfortable scenes in the movie. "I can understand that my family might find watching the film a bit difficult. But it's my first starring role in a movie so they want to come to see it. Two of the main roles are female parts, strong female parts, and I thought that was cool. It was one of the reasons that I took on the role."

See the trailer for Webcam here: 




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