Rihanna spotted at Secret Solstice?

Not Rihanna, but Jennifer from the UK.

Not Rihanna, but Jennifer from the UK. Photo: Eggert Jóhannesson

Vísir  reported yesterday that none other than Rihanna had been spotted at the Secret Solstice. However, mbl.is set things straight when a journalist spotted Rihanna, who turned out to be a British tourist who looks very much like the star. 

Rihanna's lookalike is called Jennifer and is an erotic dancer from Britain. She laughed when she was told that she looked just like Rihanna. Chatting to our journalist she said that she was really pleased with the festival, although the Icelandic summer was not really summer in her view. She also told us that she was excited to see Kelis, Wu Tang and Stormzy and that she was also going to the Blue Lagoon and on a boat trip. 




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