Special armed forces seek man in Reykjavik suburb

 The special armed forces unit of the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police are now seeking a man who got into the rear seat of a car in Vesturberg in Breiðholt, a suburb of Reykjavik, this morning. The man told the driver, a man leaving for work, to drive him as criminals were after him. 

The man was carrying a knife and left the car at a Select store in Breiðholt. Police are now searching for this man and are calling for witnesses. Although he was carrying a knife he was apparently not threatening to anyone. 

Update at 13.30: Police have arrested the man they were searching for this morning in Elliðaárdalur in Reykjavik. It appears that he is under the influence of drugs. Police insist that the man didn't threaten anyone except for the driver of the car whom he asked to drive him away from Breiðholt. 


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