Emotional mid-air proposal on Icelandic jet

The new fiancés.

The new fiancés.

Love was quite literally in the air on a flight from Paris to Iceland yesterday as one of the passengers used the aircraft’s PA system to propose to his girlfriend.

Flight attendant Helga Braga Jónsdóttir was approached by an emotional Frenchman on board yesterday’s WOW air flight from Paris, who asked if he might be permitted to use the PA system to pop the question to his girlfriend.

Jónsdóttir naturally agreed and the crew quickly got together a bottle of champagne and some chocolate for the imminent fiancés. “We wanted to make a beautiful moment,” she explains.

The man proceeded to declare his love for his lady, before stepping out into the aisle, getting down on one knee and asking her for her hand in marriage. The proposal brought the future happy couple to tears and the whole aircraft broke into applause.

Safe at the controls of the aircraft, one of the pilots – married for sixteen years – gave the newly engaged man a piece of advice for a happy marriage: always reply to whatever your wife says with “Oui, mon amour”…

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