Popular Destination This Summer: Hengifoss?

Hengifoss waterfall.

Hengifoss waterfall. Photo/Björn Steinbekk

Vala Hafstað

Björn Steinbekk, known for his drone photography, will be traveling around Iceland this summer, writing articles about his travels, and posting drone videos on mbl.is ’ travel section ( mbl.is/ferdalog/ ) He will drive a modified Toyota Hilux, specially equipped for his adventures, including an attached tent and a TV station on wheels, making livestreaming possible.

Björn Steinbekk.

Björn Steinbekk. Photo/Björn Steinbekk

He tells Morgunblaðið journalist Marta María Jónasdóttir he’d like to share different viewpoints of Iceland, which he has discovered through the use of a drone. “There have been moments when I’ve hardly believed what I’ve seen on the screen,” he states.

For the past three years, he has driven more than 120,000 km (75,000 mi), and he’s eager to share his knowledge, give advice and suggest new destinations.

The specially equipped Toyota Hilux.

The specially equipped Toyota Hilux. Photo/Björn Steinbekk

“I’ll mostly post videos, but there will be photos as well,” he states.

When asked what destinations he recommends in East Iceland, he suggests visiting the town Egilsstaðir and nearby Hallormsstaðaskógur forest (the country’s largest), then visiting Hengifoss and Litlanesfoss waterfalls. For lunch, he recommends visiting Skriðuklaustur, the former farmstead of author Gunnar Gunnarsson.

“After that, you can either continue into Fljótsdalur valley and visit the Wilderness Center (Óbyggðasetur), or travel to Kárahnúkar peaks, and from there to Hafrahvammsgljúfur canyons – a natural wonder – and from there to Stuðlagil canyon. If you have time, it’s great to finish by relaxing at Vök Baths [- a geothermal spa, located in Urriðavatn lake].”

Stuðlagil canyon was the most popular destination last summer. What will it be this year?

“I think Stuðlagil canyon will keep the top spot,” Björn responds. “That being said, I think Hengifoss waterfall [East Iceland] will be popular, and something tells me Hryggur ridge by Sveinsgil ravine [in the highlands], most often called Græni hryggur, will be very popular.”




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