A new era for the Living Art Museum

On the second floor of the new Marshall building at Grandi in Reykjavik, the Living Art Museum (Nýlo) has found a new home.  Its opening exhibition is Rolling Line, on the works of Ólafur Lárusson (1951-2014).  

"With this change the Living Art Museum is getting a chance to spread its wings in an exhibition space that inspires.  It opens up to so many possibilites," says director of the board, Þorgerður Ólafsdóttir. 

Their exhibition space is a total of 220 square metres within the building with large windows that over look the harbour to the west. 

"The changes are radical but The Living Art Museum will continue to be The Living Art Museum.  This exhibition space here by the harbour is exceptionally open and clear, and timeless in a way.  There's so much breathing space.  In the Ólafur Lárusson exhibition we wanted to accentuate the space without putting up walls or sections. It's a raw, industrial space, but a whiter space than we've had beore. " The Living Art Museum intends to put up five exhibitions per year and to set up a lively programme of events, performances, lectures and conferences. "We're not going to become more commercial, or more of an institute. We're both a museum and a venue for the grass roots. Our role is to exhibit progressive art and all its different aspects, everything from just-graduated artists to world famous artists. "


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