Reykjavík Kabarett

Reykjavík Kabarett
The outstanding Icelandic Cabaret family celebrates the New Year with a bang, mixing burlesque, variety, magic, circus and a whole lot of nonsense. The show features Icelandic variety royalty and international guests. From New York: Tiger Bay, Jezebel Express and Matthew Holtzclaw. From Stockholm (but originally from Iceland): St. Edgard From Reykjavík: Miss Mokki, Nadia, Lalli the Magician, Miss Encircled, Maísól, Gógó Starr and Greta Rokk. Although introduction and MCing will mostly be in Icelandic, most of the show is visual so language should not be a problem. We have had (a whole lot of) non-Icelandic speaking guests that enjoyed our shows and we've had (only two) non-Icelandic speakers who did not enjoy the show due to language.



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Tjarnargata 12
101 Reykjavík
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