Greater-Iceland is a group exhibition with international artists who have settled in Iceland for limited or extended period of time. Participants are Anna Hallin, Claudia Hausfeld, Jeannette Castioni, Joris Rademaker, Rebecca Erin Moran, Sari Cedergren and Theresa Himmer. Greater-Iceland places a group of contemporary artists together who have first and foremost, relocated to Iceland and are still single-mindedly making their art despite of doubts and circumstances. The idea for the exhibition is prompted on a hunch that something needs to be told about them and their commitments to art and involvements in the local visual art community. After all this fluctuate of artistic energies are moving around in many cities in the rest of the world.



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Hafnarhús Listasafn Reykjavíkur
Tryggvagata 17
101 Reykjavík