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Sigríður Rut Hreinsdóttir Art exhibition "Small paintings"

Sigríður Rut Hreinsdóttir Art exhibition "Small paintings"

Sigríður Rut Hreinsdóttir invites you to the opening of her art exhibition “Small paintings” at the Grafíksalur Art Studio, on Tryggvagata 17 (harbour side), September 9th 2017, between 5 and 7pm. 


This will be her 6th private exhibition. She has also taken part in various joint presentations. The paintings are miniatures, 20x20 cm, worked in oils between the years 2011 and 2017, and have not been exhibited before. Most of the motifs are taken from nature – from happy dandelions and leaves, to the small flowers of the Icelandic flora.


Sigríður Rut Hreinsdóttir (b. 1957) lives and works in Reykjavik. She graduated from the art section of the Iceland School of Arts and Crafts in 1990, and also took classes in object drawing, model drawing, water painting and other courses at the Reykjavik Art School from 1985-1990. Before that she studied art at the Linderud Vederegående School in Oslo, Norway, in 1983. 


The exhibition is open from the 9th to the 24th of September 2017, Thursdays to Sundays between 2 and 6pm.



You are most welcome!



By our feet, precocious dandelions stretch themselves stubbornly towards the sky. Their bright yellow buds provide a humorous contrast to the dark green grass. The dandelion truly enjoys standing out! 


Not everybody delights in the dandelion’s exuberant growth. The gardener quickly pulls it out – roots and all – meticulously checking for any unwelcome offspring. 


Others enjoy the beauty of this dynamic plant. Children love tearing them out of the ground and flicking the flower heads at playmates, ducking nimbly out of the way. 


A thoughtful mother gathers dandelion leaves to enliven her evening salad, finding it delightfully refreshing to use something so plentiful, yet so easily accessible. 


The French name for the dandelion is piss-en-lit, or piss-a-bed in English, due to its diuretic properties. But despite this disparaging moniker, the dandelion is widely lauded as a medicinal plant. In olden times the bitter sap of its stem was applied to warts. Grimacing children would dip their tongues in the sap milk, shocking their taste buds and gleefully throwing the plant away.  


The vintner gathers mature dandelion petals in his haversack and strews them into the brew he intends to enjoy come Christmas. 


The captivated naturalist peers at the bloom as it smiles up at him, and marvels at the world’s mathematical perfection. Waxing poetic, a rhyme comes to mind: Puffball, puffball, what are you? The myriad of seeds the wind just blew!


Artist Sigríður Rut is equally conscious of the dandelion’s presence. Through her paintings, she expresses the complexities of this tenacious plant - a daily reminder of the importance of smiling at the face of adversity. The dandelion’s leaves are poignant by nature and shape. They may remind you all at once of an impulsive winged fish, waggling its tail, or lilting dancers tripping to seductive music. The delicate flower stems truly reflect the harmony of existence!


In this way our eyes open to the largeness of the small and the smallness of the large: As above, so below.


Ingimar Ólafsson Waage

Artist and philosopher


(Translation: Furðufuglar ehf)






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