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Family of Origin

Family of Origin

Family systems operate in a way that ensures the continued survival of the group. Our FAMILY OF ORIGIN — the family one grew up in, is the place that people typically learn to become who they are. From the family of origin, a person learns how to communicate, process our emotions and learn how to get our needs met.

Pathology of the family system recreates all the transgenerational abuse and perpetuates the family systems pathology. Due to the nature of these dysfunctional family systems young children develop PTSD similar to that of trauma survivors. This adapted self is the co-dependent continually adjusting to the external world whilst loosing connection of the self and appropriate relationships. The co-dependent client presents to GP’s, psychologists, psychotherapist and other practitioners in an adaptive way. The co-dependent client is constantly looking to the outside to be fixed. This workshop will demonstrate how a, Top down, Bottom up approach is needed to work with codependence and trauma and the power of mindfulness practice in the healing process.

09.00 Introduction
09.15 Mindfulness Meditation
09.30 Pia’s Mellody Model of codependency
11.00 The power of the model (demonstration) -  
Understanding how to use the Family of Origin
12.00 Break
13.00 Inner Child Work - Connecting to the emotional self

Chris John is a London based psychotherapist & trainer. Having gained a Masters degree at Greenwich University, Chris went on to train in attachment trauma with Pia Mellody of The Meadows and is NARM practitioner. Chris has become one of Europe’s leading trauma reduction specialists working with PTSD, Codependency, Love addiction and shame based issues. Upplýsingar:

Gyða Dröfn Tryggvadóttir, lýðheilsufræðingur EMPH. Gyða hefur numið stig I. og 2. í áfalla-og uppeldisfræðum Piu Mellody, iðkað Zen hugleiðslu í 20 ár undir handleiðslu Zen meistarans Kwong Roshi og starfar sem meðvirkniráðgjafi svo og kennari og fyrirlesari á sviði núvitundar.

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