Reciprocity (Neuklang Records) «?It’s hard not to be impressed by French drummer- composer Olivier Le Goas. His penchant for cascading harmonic movement on his eight original compositions here is matched by a crackling approach to the kit that can only be described as “creative overplaying.” …Great writing, superb execution and inspired soloing make this one highly recommend.?» * Bill Milkowski – DownBeat

Group leader on the album 'Reciprocity' is the French drummer Olivier Le Goas. He played in New York and in France, England and the US made some name. For this CD, he invited three American musicians: pianist Kevin Hays, which worked with a host of big names in jazz, bassist Phil Donkin currently plays in Germany among others trombonist Nils Wogram, and guitar prodigy Nir Felder has built up a strong reputation. His guitar is almost as clean tuned as those of Pat Metheny in his jazz trios. All four are dyed in the wool Le Goas combines both aspects on his 5 recording as a leader, which features the exceptional playing of esteemed colleagues Kevin Hays on piano, and guitarist Nir Felder, who forge a kind of Lyle Mays-Pat Metheny kindred hookup on the front line throughout Reciprocity. Together with bassist Phil Donkin, they create an appealing sound that has one foot in chamber-like formalism while also exploring heightened realms of improvisation.‘The collective effect is a modern jazz/precision chamber/ groove-centric music, reminiscent of—with its own distinctive personality—the Pat Metheny Unity Group, minus the electronics and synths and the orchestrion.’ In spite of the chamber approach, Le Goas has a distinctive, full-of-surprises, off-kilter drumming style, one that enhances and punctuates with exclamation points the lubricious ?ow of this unfailingly engaging music. Hays will be replaced during this European tour by the originally English but now New York resident, pianist John Escreet.



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