PICTURES: Stunning Northern Lights over a deserted village

Stunning pictures of the Northern Lights taken by the lighthouse in Kálfhamarsvík, a deserted village in North Iceland. The pictures were taken by one of the local police officers who is also an amateur photographer.

There will be some delays today due to the incident.

Keflavik International Airport cleared

Keflavik International Airport in Iceland was just now cleared of people. Everyone in the airport had to leave and are now waiting go through security again. The reason was basically a simple mistake. This will entail some delays on flights.

Svartifoss waterfall is a popular destination.

Iceland 2nd on Telegraph’s list of best countries in Europe

In a survey by The Telegraph readers were asked to list European countries they most enjoyed visiting. On a list of 20 countries, Iceland ranks number two.

Kjartan Bjarni Björgvinsson, director of the Special Investigation Commission of the Icelandic Parliament and  Finnur Þór Vilhjálmsson, who also works for the commission.

Serious fraud and deception of Icelandic Government in sale of Agricultural bank

The Special Investigation Commission of the Icelandic Parliament released a report yesterday stating that they have proved that the Icelandic Government was deceived both before and after the sale of the Agricultural Bank of Iceland (Búnaðarbankinn) to German Bank Hauck & Auf­häuser.

“How deep could this Icelandic talent pool possibly be?”

Iceland won Ireland 1:0 in a friendly football match between the two nations, to the surprise of many as Iceland was missing many star players. Irish journalist wonders if the coach simply offered a free trip to Dublin to anyone willing to participate in the match.

Hekla looking innocent with a cover of snow. Recent measurements indicate that it could blow at any moment.

Hekla shows signs of eruption

"Most measurements that we have today indicate that Hekla is ready for an eruption, but we do not know what factor will set the eruption off," says geophysicist Páll Einarsson at the University of Iceland.

SAR teams search for tourists who lost their car

A group of tourists called the South Iceland police shortly before 1 am last night as they had become lost near the famous plane wreck on Sólheimasandur. They had walked to the wreck and couldn't find their car again.

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The Saints of Boogie Street

The Saints of Boogie Street

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