Hveravellir is an area renowned for its natural hot springs.

Environmental assessment needed before tourist facilities rise in Hveravellir

An assessment report on the environmental impact of tourist facilities at Hveravellir in the Icelandic highlands needs to be reassessed according to laws on environmental assessment.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Iceland's strongest man, The Mountain, accused of domestic violence

At least two Icelandic companies are reconsidering their promotional contracts with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, best known for his role as The Mountain in the Game of Thrones series following accusations in media of violence towards two ex-girlfriends.

There were over 40 earthquakes at Kolbeinseyjahryggur north of Iceland yesterday.

Series of earthquakes north of Iceland

There has been a series of earthquakes 230 km north of Iceland since last night. There were over 40 small earthquakes and two have been measured over 4 on the Richter scale.

Many names and phrases are written on moss-covered hills in Iceland.

Moss “graffiti” in Iceland fixed

“Send nudes” written in moss in Iceland made headlines two weeks ago. Company Orka Náttúrunnar has sent agent to fix the vandalism and plans to release a video to guide others in fixing vandalism of this kind.

The ships sailed in memory of the men who died in 1942.

A convoy of battleships sails up Hvalfjörður to commemorate the PQ17 convoy in 1942

Six battleships and one submarine sailed from Faxaflói bay from Reykjavik up Hvalfjörður on Friday to commemorate 75 years since the allied convoy PQ17 was destroyed by Nazi submarines and ships in WWII.

The mudslide hit two houses in Seyðisfjörður

Mudslide and floods in East Iceland

There was heavy rain in East Iceland last weekend, which resulted in a mudslide in Seyðisfjörður and a flooded river in Eskifjörður.

Teikningar af Reykjavíkurhjartanu og staðsetningu þess hafa ekki verið birtar opinberlega.

Giant heart-shaped Ferris wheel to rise in Reykjavik

Shoe designer Marta Jonsson plans to build a giant heart-shaped Ferris wheel in Reykjavik. She says it will offer more than similar wheels in other cities, with view over mountains and nature as well as the city, and Northern Lights in winter.

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Pearls of Icelandic song

Pearls of Icelandic song


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