Domestic Flights - Reykjavík (RKV)

Air Iceland


Flight No. Origin Scheduled Status
NY355 Egilsstaðir (EGS) 24 Sep, 20:30 Landed at 20:25
NY171 Akureyri (AEY) 24 Sep, 21:30 Confirmed koma: 21:36
NY113 Akureyri (AEY) 25 Sep, 09:10 Expected arrival: 09:10
NY017 Ísafjörður (IFJ) 25 Sep, 09:45 Expected arrival: 09:45
NY327 Egilsstaðir (EGS) 25 Sep, 10:00 Expected arrival: 10:00
NY121 Akureyri (AEY) 25 Sep, 11:55 Expected arrival: 11:55
RC401 Færeyjar (FAE) 25 Sep, 12:15 Expected arrival: 11:55
NY622 Nerlierit Inaat (CNP) 25 Sep, 12:55 Expected arrival: 12:55
NY331 Egilsstaðir (EGS) 25 Sep, 14:40 Expected arrival: 14:40
NY129 Akureyri (AEY) 25 Sep, 14:50 Expected arrival: 14:50
NY624 Nerlierit Inaat (CNP) 25 Sep, 14:55 Expected arrival: 14:55
NY153 Akureyri (AEY) 25 Sep, 18:10 Expected arrival: 18:10
NY027 Ísafjörður (IFJ) 25 Sep, 18:45 Expected arrival: 18:45
NY355 Egilsstaðir (EGS) 25 Sep, 20:30 Expected arrival: 20:30
NY167 Akureyri (AEY) 25 Sep, 20:55 Expected arrival: 20:55
NY408 Nuuk (GOH) 25 Sep, 21:10 Expected arrival: 21:10

Updated 24.09.2017 21:12


Flight No. Destination Scheduled Status
NY170 Akureyri (AEY) 24 Sep, 19:30 Left at 19:32
NY112 Akureyri (AEY) 25 Sep, 07:10 On schedule
NY326 Egilsstaðir (EGS) 25 Sep, 07:30 On schedule
NY016 Ísafjörður (IFJ) 25 Sep, 08:00 On schedule
NY621 Nerlierit Inaat (CNP) 25 Sep, 08:30 On schedule
NY120 Akureyri (AEY) 25 Sep, 09:55 On schedule
NY623 Nerlierit Inaat (CNP) 25 Sep, 10:30 On schedule
NY330 Egilsstaðir (EGS) 25 Sep, 12:10 On schedule
NY128 Akureyri (AEY) 25 Sep, 12:50 On schedule
RC402 Færeyjar (FAE) 25 Sep, 13:15 On schedule
NY407 Nuuk (GOH) 25 Sep, 13:45 On schedule
NY152 Akureyri (AEY) 25 Sep, 16:10 On schedule
NY026 Ísafjörður (IFJ) 25 Sep, 17:00 On schedule
NY354 Egilsstaðir (EGS) 25 Sep, 18:00 On schedule
NY166 Akureyri (AEY) 25 Sep, 18:55 On schedule

Updated 24.09.2017 21:12

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