Puffling found in Reykjavik city centre

A puffling wandered into Skúlagata, a busy seaside street in the Reykjavik city centre last night. It's exremely rare to see pufflings in Reykjavik and this one was lucky enough to end up in the safe hands of SAR team member and Westman Islander Ármann Ragnar Ægisson who found it.

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Keflavik Airport

Scheduled Airline From Status
15:00 FI338 Stavanger Sola Landed 14:47
15:00 FI441 Manchester Landed 14:56
15:35 NY5511 Belfast City Landed 15:01
15:15 FI555 Brussels Landed 15:01
Scheduled Airline Destination Status
15:00 WW251 Montreal Departed 14:56
15:10 WW724 Berlin Schoenefeld Gate Closed
15:10 WW446 Amsterdam Final Call
15:10 WW117 Baltimore Washington Final Call
Jack Latham – Sugar Paper Theories

Jack Latham – Sugar Paper Theories

Reykjavík Museum of Photography

Tue 19 Sep , 10:00–18:00 (and later)