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A new outdoor pool at the Sundhöll swimming pool will open at the end of November.

Sundhöll swimming pool reopens end of November

27 Sep Fans of the old Sundhöll swimming pool in the city centre can rejoice at news that it's finally reopening with a new outdoor pool area at the end of November. This beautiful building has been closed to the public for renewal since the beginning of June.

Suðurbæjarlaug pool in Hafnarfjörður, a town next to Reykjavik.

Child saved from drowning in Hafnarfjörður pool

29 May A preschool age boy was spotted lying on the bottom of the adult pool at Hafnarfjörður swimming pool in Iceland yesterday.

Haukur Bergssteinsson has now made 1500 swims across the Nauthólsvík cove.

Eighty-year-old Icelander swears by cold ocean swims

12 Apr A group of people gathered this week to see Haukur Bergsteinsson swim to shore to celebrate his 1500th swim at Nauthólsvík beach in Reykjavik. Bergsteinsson turns 81 this year and swears by cold ocean swims for good health.

Laugardalslaug pool in Reykjavik.

Most of Iceland's pools are open during Easter

12 Apr Easter break is the perfect time to enjoy moments with the family and head to the pool.

Ocean swimming in the remote beauty of Iceland's West Fjords.

Icelandic swimwear inspired by the local swimming culture

27 Mar "Icelanders have had this long relationship with the magic and healing of water. Iceland's bathing culture is unique and is founded on our natural resources," says designer Erna Bergmann. Her new range of swimsuits, Swimslow, is based on a philosophy of sustainability and mindfulness.

Free soup available for all to wash their private parts.

Bizarre "Icelish" signs up at Reykjavik main swimming pool

8 Feb Someone didn't proofread new signs that have just been put up at the Laugardalur swimming pool, one of Reykjavik's largest and most popular pools. Soup, anyone?

Laugardalslaug geothermal swimming pool in Reykjavik.

Topless guests welcome in Reykjavik swimming pools

16 Jan Following news of a woman being shown out of a pool in the small town of Akranes in Iceland, the directors of the City of Reykjavik sports and recreation department have confirmed that guests of the city's swimming pool are welcome whether they wear a top or not as part of their swimwear ensemble.

Jaðarsbakkalaug swimming pool in  Akranes, South West Iceland.

Topless woman shown out of Iceland pool: Whatever happened to free the nipple?

16 Jan A student at the University of Iceland was told to leave the pool in the small town of Akranes on Saturday for swimming without a bikini top. Apparently the town of Akranes isn't quite with it on the Free the Nipple revolution that took place in Iceland two years ago.

There are many tourists visiting Reykjavik over the holidays.

Opening hours over the holidays

23 Dec Where to go over Christmas, will it be open and can you get there? Here’s a list of some top things you want to know when are open and closed if you are visiting Iceland right now.

The Árbæjarlaug swimming pool in Reykjavik.

All-gender changing rooms to be put up in all Reykjavik swimming pools

29 Aug 2016 Today's edition of Morgunblaðið reports that all changing rooms in the city's swimming pools will be fitted with an all-gender changing booth.

This totally breaks Icelandic swimming pool etiquette: drying your balls with the communal hairdryer in the changing rooms.

Swimming pool rules: Don't dry your scrotum with a hairdryer

26 Apr 2016 Iceland's favourite communal spot is the swimming pool but pool rules have baffled tourists throughout the years. Here's one rule from Sundhöllin, a pool that's also an architectural gem at the heart of Reykjavik: Don't dry your scrotum with a hairdryer!

Iceland's favourite leisure activity: soaking in a geothermally heated swimming pool.

Iceland's pool culture

21 Apr 2016 The New York Times recently published an article on Iceland's healing waters, featuring the numerous swimming pools all around the country. "These public pools, or sundlaugs, serve as the communal heart of Iceland, sacred places whose affordability and ubiquity are viewed as a kind of civil right. "

Ísafjörður in the West Fjords of Iceland.

Guests of the Finnish sauna can finally go in the nude

3 Feb 2016 Town authorities in the Ísafjörður swimming pool have decided to take signs downs stipulating that guests should wear a bathing suit to the Finnish sauna. This action was taken after a letter of protest from Finnish sauna lovers.

The hotel will be built in the building site to the right of Harpa in this photograph.

Hotel next to Harpa to have rooftop swimming pool

15 Oct 2015 According to Hjálmar Sveinsson, driector of the Reykjavik city planning committee, directors of the new hotel project next to Harpa concert hall and conference centre want to put a swimming pool on the hotel roof.

Admission for adults to the city's swimming pools is now 900 ISK (6 Euros)

Swimming pool admission prices go up

9 Oct 2015 From November 1st admission for adults to the city's pools goes up from 650 ISK (4.5Euros) to 900 ISK (approx 6 Euros) according to a new proposal accepted at city council today.


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