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Anna Margrét has worked in journalism since the year 2000. She has been an editor of the magazines Iceland Review, Atlantica, Sirkus Reykjavík and ReykjavikMag. Anna Margrét has worked for as a journalist since October 2014.

The photo shows Izvorul Calimanului in the Carpathian Mountains - an empty mountain top where Bram Stoker imagined his Castle Dracula to be located.

Icelandic version of Dracula, Makt myrkranna, turns out to be Swedish in origin

6 Mar A recent translation of Makt myrkranna (Powers of Darkness) by Hans de Roos has seemingly unearthed an earlier Swedish version of Dracula, Mörkrets makter, which appears to shed new light on de Roos' theory that Stoker collaborated with Icelandic writer Valdímar Ásmundsson.

Taco Pescado - fish taco at El Santo.

Authentic Mexican food beneath the Northern Lights

3 Mar El Santo is a new Mexican restaurant which opened on Hverfisgata in Reykjavik a fortnight ago. It's already becoming one of the most popular restaurants in the city which indicates that this northernmost capital of Europe was craving for a dose of spicy, sunny food.

Owner Kristinn Vilbergsson, Ólafur Ágústsson managing director of Dill, head chef Ragnar Eiríksson and Gunnar Karl Gíslason,one of the founders of Dill, receiving their Michelin star.

First Michelin star for an Icelandic restaurant goes to Dill

22 Feb "This is a game changer for us and draws the world's attention to our restaurant," says Kristinn Vilbergsson, one of the owners of Dill restaurant in Reykjavik. He's currently in Stockholm being presented with a Michelin star for Dill, the first restaurant in Iceland to receive this honour.

Winona Ryder as Mina and Gary Oldman as Count Dracula in Coppola's film adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula.

The Powers of Darkness: On Dracula's sister version in Iceland

13 Feb Hans de Roos just published a translation of Makt Myrkranna (Powers of Darkness), a translation of Icelander Valdimar Ásmundsson's translation - or rewriting - of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Iceland Monitor found out more about this gothic mystery that entwines two authors, one a famous Irishman and the other an Icelander.

An evening of vegan food and organic French wines was the second in the unique pop-up restaurant series.

A foodie trip in Iceland to a secret destination

8 Feb The people behind Kex Hostel, pizza restaurant Hverfigata 12 and the famed Dill restaurant are now offering a most wonderful foodie experience taking place on four consecutive Sunday nights.

Birna Brjánsdóttir was your average Icelandic girl, out partying with her friends. She never returned home.

Iceland mourns for missing girl found dead - a timeline of events

23 Jan Iceland is united in grief today. A body of a young woman, Birna Brjánsdóttir, was discovered on a desolate beach on Sunday after she had been missing for over a week. Such murder cases are rare in a country with one of the world's lowest crime rates and a population of 330 thousand people. The sinister unfolding of events this past week have an uncanny resemblence to Nordic Noir fiction.

Kex Hostel's restaurant Sæmundur í Sparifötunum offers great food at all hours of the day, including a fantastic weekend brunch.

Brunch ideas: Tuck into a gorgeous early meal at Kex Hostel

20 Jan Kex Hostel has become somewhat of a cultural centre in Reykjavik. It's a lively, bustling hostel offering a myriad of events and concerts every day of the week and it's the perfect place to catch up with friends and family in a relaxed, hip atmosphere.

The new government of Iceland at the Bessastaðir Presidential residence earlier today.

Presenting Iceland's new government

11 Jan Here's a look at Iceland's new government, a coalition between the Independence Party, Regeneration and Bright Future.

Alexander Kirchner's favourite phrase is "Long hair, don't care."

Influenced by the darker parts of life

15 Dec Alexander Kirchner is an Icelandic fashion designer, stylist and producer who has been passionate about clothes since he started making them at sixteen. Kirchner has collaborated with designers, musicians and artists to make unique pieces and is now premiering his first collection for his own brand, Alexander Kirchner.

"The poverty shown in the music video is linked to the theme of the song, it's time to redream the world," says Jara.

Redreaming the world- new music video from Jara

28 Oct Icelandic musician Jara has released a beautiful new video to her song Barceloneta, using images she took on a journey back to Iceland from India with a stopover in Barcelona.

Hálfdán Pedersen studied film production in Los Angeles and now works as both a set designer and an interior designer with a strong focus on salvaged material.

"The house became a total obsession" - interview with interior designer Hálfdan Pedersen

17 Oct Icelandic film set and interior designer Hálfdan Pedersen became enchanted by a neglected old house in the tiny village of Flateyri in the remote Icelandic West Fjords twelve years ago. Today, his stunning renovation of the home using only recycled materials has been published in a book called Scandinavia Dreaming.


"There has to be a levelling of the playing field"- interview with Chloë Sevigny

10 Oct US actress Chloë Sevigny attended RIFF, the Reykjavik International Film Festival where her directorial debut, Kitty, was screened. Sevigny spoke to Iceland Monitor about the film, gender imbalance in the film industry and visiting Reykjavik for the first time.

Jodorowsky is unable to attend the screening of his latest film in Reykjavik but is very happy that Icelanders can see his films.

"I never make boring pictures" - an interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky

29 Sep The latest film by legendary director Alejandro Jodorowsky, Endless Poetry, will be shown at the Reykjavik International Film Festival (RIFF) tomorrow night. Jodorowsky, 87, says that the only purpose behind his film-making is to make art, and that the purpose of art is to give us an insight into ourselves and the beauty surrounding us.

"The whole feel of the collection is something you imagine wearing to a weekend at a posh summer cottage, which is ultimately a look that translates well into Reykjavik streetwear for winter, to look elegant while braving the cold."

Country goes luxe in Geysir's autumn collection

19 Sep Icelandic label Geysir presented their autumn collection in a sumptious fashion show at the Iðnó theatre in central Reykjavik on Friday night.


Video: Viking sword was just "waiting to be picked up"

5 Sep An important archeological discovery was made this weekend by a group of hunters in Iceland. They picked up a sword thought to be from the tenth century which was placed on a pagan grave at the beginning of Iceland's settlement.


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