Restricted area around Holuhraun reduced

The head of police and the Icelandic Civil Protection have decided to make changes to the restricted area around the Holuhraun lava field. The new restricted are now extends 20 metres from the north edge of the new lava field to Dyngjujökull glacier on the south side, the Jökulsár á Fjöllum river in the east and to the westernmost branches of Jökulsár á Fjöllum to the west. 

This decision is taken with regards to the a danger assessment by the Iceland Met Office. The police in cooperation with the Vatnajökull national park will be monitoring the area in close cooperation with the Iceland Met Office. Additional measuring devices will be set up to increase monitoring of the area. 

Vatnajökull national park will pinpoint and mark out interesting viewing spots for tourists with easy access and which will be easily cleared in case of any danger. 


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