Sushi burrito craze hits Reykjavik

Lukka, owner of Happ and now SuBu, who offer sushi ...

Lukka, owner of Happ and now SuBu, who offer sushi burritos. Jóhannesson

A new fast-food restaurant called Subu introduces the San Francisco sushi burrito to Iceland, and it's become wildly popular already. Subu is basically sushi and a burrito combined in the same dish. 

The restaurant is run by Unnur Pálsdóttir, known for the Happ health food restaurant  and her husband Magnús Stefánsson, and couple Karl Guðmundsson and Emilía Borgþórsdóttir. 

"Subu is sushi and burrito combined in the same dish. The sushi burrito became popular in San Francisco around 2011.  You can also find lots of sushi burrito places in many of the largest cities in the US such as New York and Los Angeles and they're spreading to London, Berlin, and now Reykjavik."

Subu is located in Höfðatorg in Reykjavik's financial district. Check out their Facebook page HERE. Jóhannesson


USD USD 107.78 EUR EUR 128.38
GBP GBP 145.42 DKK DKK 17.25
NOK NOK 13.78 SEK SEK 13.48
CHF CHF 110.86 JPY JPY 0.96


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