Gay shamanic striptease at Kiki bar tonight

 South African artist Daniel P.Cunningham and British born artist Mark J.Hamilton will be performing a gay strip tease tonight in Reykjavik in what they call Queer-Punk performance art and a Shamanic striptease. 

Cunningham was interviewed by Icelandic website Gay Iceland about what on earth that entails. 

  “Shamanic striptease is a healing ritual for myself but it extends to audience members via ceremonial frameworks. I invite the spectators to release their burdens through a ritual created by me and my collaborator Mark J Hamilton,” Daniel explains. “Through Shamanic striptease I try to make sense of my complicated family history; my evangelical background and my white African identity. As a gay man I needed to make a work that allowed me to confront these questions.”

Cunningham says that he has found a way to heal himself with dancing. “Mark J Hamilton is my teacher and the director of this work. He has a rich background in physical practices such as ashtanga vinyasa flow yoga, capoeira and classical Indian dance. We practice physical and vocal work in the studio, and in a way this physical and vocal work in the studio in London has been a massive part of my healing process.The performance has been healing in a different way because it allows me to process questions that relate to my life and how I stand with my identity. As a white African gay man with an Irish passport.”

 The audience is invited to take part in the show. "I offer a chair to an audience member to receive a lap dance healing. The audience is also given fake money which they will use to ‘make it rain’ while I twerk. I come from a multi disciplinary performance background, so the work is immersive, physical, and I sing some South African songs, as well as Christian liturgical chant. We call this work Queer-Punk performance art. This will be a queer ceremony for all who wish to attend.”

“The audience is also given fake money which they will use to ‘make it rain’ while I twerk. This  will be a queer ceremony for all who wish to attend,” says Daniel about his upcoming act.

Check it out at Kiki bar, Laugavegur 22 tonight at 9 pm. 


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GBP GBP 142.99 DKK DKK 17.05
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CHF CHF 109.94 JPY JPY 0.95


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